Initially made as part of Global Game Jam 2023, however this version of the game contains updates made after the jam ended. You can find the GGJ 2023 version here.


Click (and maybe drag) to flick the rabbits!


Rabbit Flick is a family friendly game about flicking away pesky rabbits before they eat all your carrots!

Cute, non-violent and easy to pick up, just tap away and see how long you can last as a variety of mischievous bunnies try to dash into your farm for lunch.

  • The armoured bunnies will need a couple of extra flicks to get that grid iron helmet off of their heads
  • The ninja bunnies kick about in an unpredictable and tricky pattern
  • The rocket bunnies are so fast, they don't even need to stop to eat!
  • The big boy bunnies are very slow but need a whole lot of flicks before they bounce away
  • Who even knows what's going on with the pogo bunnies?

Use powerups dropped from the bunnies to manipulate time, do critical flicks or even grow some carrots back, to keep your farmer happy with their lot.


This project is open source!

Royalty free music thanks to:

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TagsArcade, Casual, Clicker, Global Game Jam


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Love it xD

Thanks 🙏 


Non-violent? More like hmm-hmm, Hmm-Hmm, HMMMMM! :D


I can hear this message 😂